Personal Care

Personal Care

Ego Resolve Plus 1.0% 30g


For inflamed or itchy tinea. Soothing formula.Benefits• Effective treatment of inflamed or itchy tinea, such as athletes foot, jock itch and ringworm.• Also effective for inflamed or itchy skin infect..

Eyup sabri Eau De Cologne LAVENDER 150ml


Top notes: natural lavender oil Middle notes: Lavender, absinthe, rosemary, fresh mint, thyme Base notes: Tonka, Patchouli, Amber. This vibrant Cologne is a celebration of summer that captures the sun..

Eyup Sabri Eau De Cologne JAPANESE CHERRY 150ml


The fresh aroma of spring which spreads with cherry blossom gives life. The smell of cherry blossom that sweeps through the world transforms into a captivating scent profile that has been enriched wit..

Eyup Sabri Eau De Cologne Milion Of Roses 150 ml


Takes you sense on a stroll around rose gardens by unveiling the refreshing effect of morning roses. The incredible scent profile of EST 1923 Millions of Rosses evokes the smell of real roses so much ..

eyup sabri indian oud eau de toilette 150ml


It creates a fantastic composition of Italian bergamot, Turkish rose, Indian oud, and Sandalwood tree. This unique series that will predominately make you sense the mystical oud notes of India will un..

Eyup Sabri JAPANESE CHERRY Cologne 200ML


What do you say to stroll around a garden adorned with cherry blossom offering the full energy of spring? The scent of cherry blossom, which sweeps through the world with its life-giving profile, tran..

Eyup sabri JAPANESE CHERRY Hand Soap 500ml


PARABEN FREE, TOTAL VEGAN, NON-GMO, AND ANIMAL-FRIENDLYYou will be fascinated by the unique fragrance of Japanese Cherry Flowers, ranging from shades white to pink our liquid hand soap, Eyup Sabri Tun..

Eyup Sabri Lavender Cologne 200ML


It’s time to cast off your tiredness. The relaxing and refreshing scent of lavender fields will carry you away like the winds of Alaçatı.Allow Lavender, which enchants with its aroma, to take the load..

Eyup Sabri LIQUID HAND SOAP 500 ml


Eyup Sabri Tuncer Alacati Lavender Liquid soaps will not only fascinate you with its fragrance and take your stress away, but it will also give you a sense of overall wellness with its all-natural ing..


Eyup Sabri Olive Oil Cream SET (250 ML+ 50 ML)

SR49.00 SR60.00

2 in 1 spical offer  2 size of : OLIVE OIL CREAM SET (250 ML+ 50 ML)Suitable for every skin type as it contains natural olive oil, its designed to be quickly and easily absorbed for ski..

Manzanilla Oro Hair Lotion 180ml


Manzanilla Oro is a hair lotion whichilluminates the hair by giving it blonde,golden and copper reflects.Manzanilla Oro is not a hair colorManzanilla Oro conceal the grey hairs bylightening the color ..


Maxon Inteema Lighthening Gel 30Ml

SR256.50 SR285.00

with Maxon Inteema Lighthening Gel 30Ml Discover the secret to everyday happy for every woman.Smoothes and lightens intimate dark areas such as the bikini zone, underarms or other sensitive areas..

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