OTTO KEUNIS conditioner argan 500ml

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 Otto Keunis Hair conditioner  gives your hair a longer, healthier look.The

 Otto Keunis Hair conditioner  gives your hair a longer, healthier look.

The conditioner has an exclusive combination and gives your hair an extra moisturizing effect as it contains ARGAN oil to give it softness, luster and natural look.

Benefits and Uses:

·        hair growth. treatment of damaged and dry and dry hair. reduce hair loss.

·        protect hair from harmful sun rays.

·        Nourish the hair, which is reflected positively on the growth of hair and reduce the possibility of exposure of the scalp to inflammation or hair loss. 

·        Helps to get rid of the peel. Moisturizing and gives the hair a vital appearance.

·        Moisturize the scalp.

Ingredients: Argan oil. Vitamin E.

Recommended to use the whole set Argan oil. Argan shampoo. Allergic conditioner. Argan Mask.


بلسم الارجان المغربي من اوتو كينس 

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