Eyup Sabri Roses set (Rose water + perfume)

Eyup Sabri Roses set (Rose water + perfume)

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Product Code: Eyup Sabri - Turkey
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2 in 1 special offer

Rose water skin and facial cleaner 350 ml and Milion Of Roses perfume 150 ml

Rose water skin and facial cleaner 350 ml

A makeup cleanser and tonic in one, our Rose water effortlessly removes impurities while soothing your complexion. Its aroma therapeutic odor is perfect for use in the skin and just for an overall sense of well-being. This product is clear to orange in color. Our pure rose water is also commonly used as an aromatic face or body spritz. They also make an excellent linen spray and a simple way for the aromatherapist to enjoy the benefits of essential oils without spending a lot of money. It can even be added to a hot bath.

• Alcohol-free

• Made with deionized water.

• Make-up cleanser and toner.

• Produced with natural ingredients.

Milion Of Roses perfume 150 ml

Takes you sense on a stroll around rose gardens by unveiling the refreshing effect of morning roses. The incredible scent profile of EST 1923 Millions of Rosses evokes the smell of real roses so much so that you may feel as if you are entirely wandering around garden roses. You may find a bouquet of flowers in this garden due to the Turkish rose and Mediterranean jasmine in its notes. EST 1923 Millions of Rosses, which finishes with notes of precious amber and musk in its base notes, tucks away the innocence of rose together with the hot and sweet seductiveness of exotic amber and musk.

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