Femi Bath natural Salts 400gm

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Femi Bath natural Salts 400gm   Used ...

Femi Bath natural Salts 400gm


Used to clean daily intimate area.
Many women experience uncomfortable, vaginal infections at one time or another. The area around the entrance to the vagina can also become irritated. Steps can be taken to relieve and prevent vulvar discomfort and vaginal infections. Femi Bath natural Salts help you to take care of this sensitve area.

If you have any concerns about your vulvar or vaginal health, or notice unusual changes in vaginal discharge, contact your healthcare provider if the problem persists.


How to use:
Once a day.


Active Ingredients:
Femi Bath natural Salts 400gm contains:
Natural salts.



فيمي باث املاح طبيعية 400 جم

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