Esthederm Cellular Water Spray 100ml

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Esthederm Cellular Water Spray 100ml

Esthederm Cellular Water Spray 100ml

The unparalleled Cellular Water Spray acts as an "energy bomb" providing your skin with freshness, radiance and vitality. Perfectly bio-assimilated 100% bio-mimetic without colourings, fragrances or preservatives, it boosts the skin's vital functions and its cellular activity as well as optimizing the effectiveness of other Institut Esthederm products and treatments. Skin is revitalized, full of life, bursting with health; your skin's quality of life is ensured!


How to use :

Use up to 3 times a day to restore your skin's energy and vitality.


Warning and cautions :

Sensitivity for one component.



Cellular water, ATP molecules, Carnosine, Aquaporins Patent, Moisturizingrestructuring complex, Water fruit fragrance.

استيديرم ماء خلوي بخاخ لبشرة حيوية منتعشة 100مل

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