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الأسعار في الموقع تشمل قيمة الضريبة المضافة


Dermatologically and microbiologically tested. Does not contain paraben or synthetic ingredients harmful to the health of individuals or the environment.  *Not tested on animals and does not contain animal fats. Revives, nourishes, and helps hair that has been exposed to procedures such as dying, highlights, and hair extensions to be easily formed and gain shine thanks to the Omega 7 in its ingredients together with the formula containing 100% Natural Macadamia Oil. Serves as the perfect magnet for moisture with the hydrating property of macadamia oil. Ensures that your hair is protected against negative effects caused by the sun and high temperatures with the special UV protective active ingredients that help your hair color to last. Supports your hair in gaining natural shine by providing intense care for healthy hair and hair follicles with the BIOTIN, multi-vitamin complex, and horse chesnut in its ingredients. The paraben-free special formula is suitable for daily use on dyed hair. Long-lasting color, healthier hair with Eyüp Sabri Tuncer Natural Macadamia Oil Shampoo... *Certified with the V-LABEL given by the European Vegan and Vegetarian Union after it was proved as a result of tests carried out in internationally accredited laboratories that no animal content exists in its formula.

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