DCL Hair Strengthening Conditioner 300 ml

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DCL Hair Strengthening Conditioner 300 ml

DCL Hair Strengthening Conditioner 300 ml

A luxurious daily conditioner that moisturizes and repairs all hair types, while preventing future damage with Ceramide-2, a famously nourishing lipid complex that penetrates and reinforces the hair shaft to restore maximum strength and vitality without ever weighing hair down. Advanced hydrators instantly infuse each strand with crucial moisture for an enviable smoothness, sumptuous softness and total manageability. Hair is left beautifully strong, perfectly pliable and brilliantly armed against the assaults of heat styling and chemical processes.


How to use :

Apply to just-shampooed hair from scalp to ends. Leave on for one minute, rinse thoroughly.


Warning and cautions :

Avoid Eye Contact



•Ceramide-2 fills in any weakened areas of hair for added support and strength, while providing protection against future damage, imparting smoothness and delivering a healthy dose of weightless moisture.

• Wheat Proteins lightly and invisibly coat the hair shaft, allowing the cuticle to lay flat to create smoother, more lustrous looking hair.

• Innovative Polymers act like an ingenious imperceptible film to lock in moisture, ease combing and help eliminate flyaways.

• Coconut water attracts and seals in moisture, soothes irritation and drenches dryness, while creating softer, shinier hair and a balanced scalp.

• Vitamin B5 provides long-term moisturization and conditioning benefits, while helping to alleviate any irritation.

• Amino Acids promote softness and pliability.

• Shea and Jojoba Oil moisturizes and softens.

• Mineral Ferments help optimize natural rejuvenation processes for a healthier scalp.

• Targeted Peptides balance moisture to help control frizz, while maintaining beautiful body and bounce.

• Advanced formula strengthens each strand, making them more elastic and less likely to break, Proven protectors fend off free radical damage.

• Creatinine smoothes the hair follicle improving volume and feel while Keratin Protein strengthens root and shaft leaving hair thicker and silkier.

دي سي ال DCL بلسم مغذي و مقوي للشعر 300 مل

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